Corporation management
Vadym Iermolaiev
corporation council chairman
Stanislav Vilenskyi
corporation council deputy chairman
Vadym Iermolaiev
Vadym Iermolaiev is a successful Ukrainian businessman and real estate developer.
He established the company Primusinterpares in 1995. The enterprise was transformed into the "Alef" corporation two years later.
Vadym Iermolaiev in cooperation with his Turkish partners (Baser company) opened the household chemicals and personal supplies manufacturing plant "Olvia-Beta" in Dnipropetrovsk region in 1999.
"Olvia-Beta" was sold to TheProcter&GambleCompany five years later.
The capital from plant sale was invested into new enterprises in 2004. This is how the plant manufacturing plastic extrusions for windows "Miroplast", the plant manufacturing gas concrete UDK and CIS's only plant manufacturing furniture for translucent structures AXOR were established.
Vadym Iermolaiev became involved into the process of Dnipro real estate development in 2004. «Most-city» was built in Dnipro already in 2006, and the architectural landmark of the city, Katerynoslavskyi boulevard, and such facilities as CascadePlaza, Bosphorus, business centres Enigma and Prism were built a few years later.
Stanislav Vilenskyi
Stanislav Vilenskyi is a Ukrainian entrepreneur and investor. He started to carry on his business in 1994 and stood at the origins of the "Alef" corporation in cooperation with Vadym Iermolaiev.
Stanislav Vilenskyi believes that Ukraine may become the unique production hub for Europe. The priority of businessman's activity includes the attraction of state-of-the-art global technologies and increase in the demand for Ukrainian products on the global market.
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