ZDESROY created the new mural in the heart of Dnipro city for the Alef Estate company

The famous street artist Valerii Kolor (ZDESROY) created the new mural for the ALEF Estate  company at the very heart of Dnipro city.

“From classicism to modern graffiti”, in this way the author describes his new work decorating the very heart of the city for a few days already. The image of the goddess Diana is pictured on the mural located between the Shopping and Entertainment Centre MOST-City and new Street Retail on Lamana str.

According to Roman mythology, Diana is a daughter of Titaness Latona and the God Jupiter. She impersonated the same qualities residing in the Greek goddess Artemis, the goddess of hunting, in the early Roman myths.

Later the goddess cult had the features of Greek Selene who impersonated the Moon and night, and then she had the features of Hecate who was believed to be the sovereign of mystery and magic.

The artist Valerii Kolor (Zdesroy Street Art and Design) joined several styles in his work in particular, portrait, graphic arts and graffiti; earlier these styles considered to be incompatible. Each of them symbolizes the various period of general art development – from classicism to modern graffiti.

“I would like to show in this way that there is no use to stay within the established style limits, in particular, when this relates to street art. Any art may be beautiful when the artist presents it properly, and the audience appreciates it”, Valerii himself says.