The names of winners in the Quiz for awareness of facts about Alef Corporation have become known!

Let us remind you that from November 16 to November 30, an online quiz was held on activities of the businesses-members of Alef Corporation and their achievements. And today, December 7, we are ready to announce the results and call the names of winners who have won prizes from the Corporation!

In total, 30 people took part in the Quiz: — they are real major brains and experts who are not afraid of difficulties and complicated questions, because we really prepared not easy questions! According to the feedback from the participants, the average time to undergo the quiz was 2-3 hours. The list of the questions and correct answers can be viewed at the link:

20 people from 30 participants showed the highest results and scored 90 and more points from 100 possible ones.

Thus, our winners:

Three quiz-participants scored a maximum: – 100 /100 points! These are Svetlana Lutsiuk, Sergey Blazhenko and Dmitry Petrusha. They receive the branded laptop bags from Alef Corporation.

The second place is jointly taken by: Marina Kostoglotova, Marina Dezderevich and Vladislav Skorikov, with a score of 99/100 points! Anna Fomina and Alina Brilevskaya join them at the second rating level of the quiz-winners, with a score of 97.5 points. These five participants receive the power banks from the Corporation!

The third place is taken by: Marina Shumovetskaya (97/100), Sergey Mikhailiuk (97/100), Tatiana Bozhko (97/100), Alina Zubenko (96), Tatiana Andreieva (94), Yelena Kravchenko (94), Nonna Potriasaieva (94), Roman Melnik (93.5), Anastasiia Viunova (93) and Tatiana Belaya (93). These participants receive the travel mugs as a gift from the Corporation!

Congratulations, the quiz-organizers will contact you today and tell you how to get your prizes!

Many thanks to our winners and everyone who participated in our online-quiz, because if you took part, then you are not indifferent to the life and development of Alef Corporation!