The “MIROPLAST” company implements the LEAN-concept at the production site

The MIROPLAST company started the implementation of the lean manufacturing at the enterprise in 2019. The company plans to focus on adding value for the
customer, to cut losses at the production site, and to achieve the maximum efficiency of the resource use by means of consistent and continuous improvement
of all processes of the entity.

The MIROPLAST company is a leader according to the volume of output of PVC-profile in Ukraine and profile export abroad. The WDS profile manufacturing plant
is located in Dnipro city. Currently 31 extruding lines, profile lamination section, PVC-compound and sealing pieces production section, and draw plate workshop
operate at the plant. The enterprise provides capacity for a larger output annually, so the problem of the processes systemization for the purpose of the efficient
planning of capacity and plant operation becomes more and more urgent.

The key executives of the company made the decision on the Lean-transformation of the manufacturing, i.e. the implementation of the lean manufacturing in 2019.
This concept was developed in Japan at the enterprise Toyota, and it has been used by the hundreds of the efficiently-run companies from various fields all over the
world for a long time.

The principal aim of Lean is building of the customer value creation flow with minimum losses. The lean manufacturing provides for the involvement of all
employees into the processes of the losses reduction in order to create efficiently the product being maximally valuable for the customer. The cost of such product
will be always competitive due to exclusion of the needless actions, transportation, surplus inventories, excess production, over-processing, expectation, defects, and
untapped creative potential of the company employees.

The “MIROPLAST” company is intended to the following actions within the next few years:

• to ensure the in-process quality;
• to standardize the processes at the production site, and to introduce the system of
staff training in standardized work;
• to implement 5S system at the production site (Sort, Set in Order, Shine,
Standardize, Sustain);
• to introduce the general equipment maintenance;
• to apply A3-method for problems solution.

The first changes are already implemented at the production site. The new approaches to the plant production infrastructure management shall bring the
company to the next level of development.