The Chief Engineer of the Management Service of Most-City Mall became the new hero of the Meeting the Engineers project

We previously reported that Alef Corporation has joined the Meeting the Engineers project. A number of Ukrainian enterprises, together with the advertising agency PRoector, produce interesting videos about representatives of technical professions in order to popularize them.

The hero of the second video was Artem Zherebtsov, the chief engineer of the management service of Most-City Mall.

At the age of 24, Artem managed more than a hundred people and it was his resourcefulness that turned the mall into a large smart house. And the solutions that the engineer suggested to improve the work of Most-City were generally breakthrough to the city.

Under the leadership of Artem, the mall reduced energy costs for air conditioning and heating, as he made the climate systems depend on the number of people in the building.

The young engineer saw that the future was in LEDs, and for the first time in the city an architectural LED lighting appeared in Most-City. And the huge rooftop parking was a discovery in Ukraine! And when in the very first winter it was necessary to remove the snow on it, Artem, together with his colleagues, brought a unique apparatus from America to Ukraine – a snow-melting machine.

It should be said that the engineer with a team of professionals will also be in charge of the processes at Perekrestok, which is now actively being built next to Most-City. Therefore, there will be another giant smart house in Dnipro.