Vadym Iermolaiev
Corporation Council Chairman

Vadym Iermolaiev is a well-known Ukrainian businessman and investor. He is called the main developer of Dnipro.

Vadym Iermolaiev is characterized by an innovative approach to doing business and unconventional thinking. The creation of innovative plants from scratch in Ukraine, attraction of foreign investments to the country, and formation of thousands of new jobs lie behind him.

Vadym Iermolaiev began his path in big business with the opening of Olvia-Beta Plant (1999) in cooperation with his Turkish partners, intended for production of household chemicals and hygiene products. In 2004, the Plant was repurchased by The Procter&Gamble Company, аnd the proceeds from sale of the enterprise were invested in new large-scale projects in the eastern region of Ukraine.

“I am not working to climb the steps of all sorts of ratings. I cannot sit with arms folded. I love to create, build and develop something. My work is my life”.

“The possibility to participate in creation, development and production of something is one of a person’s needs”.

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Stanislav Vilenskyi
Corporation Council Deputy Chairman

Stanislav Vilenskyi is a Ukrainian businessman, investor, Deputy Chairman of Alef Corporation Council.

In 1994, he and Vadym Iermolaiev jointly founded “Primus inter pares” Company, which was engaged in import of food products to Ukraine. Later, the Company grew into a corporation, where Stanislav Vilenskyi took the position of a deputy chairman.

The priority of the businessman’s activities is to attract state-of-the-art global technologies to Ukraine and increase the demand for Ukrainian products in the world market.

“I want my native Dnipro to become the largest industrial, financial and economic hub.”

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