Results of ALEF StartUP: the project of the center for development of children won

Exactly one month ago, ALEF Corporation, headed by the investor Vadym Iermolaiev, launched a contest for the best startup in 2020 — ALEF StartUP. The main goal of the contest was to find talented people who dreamt of bringing their ideas to life, but did not have the financial ability to do so.

On 25 December, the members of ALEF Corporation Council summed up the results of the contest and identified the leader who would receive the main prize: – the full financing of the project.

The startup of “Center for the Harmonious Development of a Child” of Yana Y. Pototska became the winner.

The main idea of the project is to create a unified space in order to systematize diagnostic and correctional-and-developmental processes with a psychotherapeutic support of the family.

The task of the children’s center is to help parents get a comprehensive opinion of specialists after the diagnostics conducted with the preparation of a program of corrective measures focused on the development of a child, as well as to help a baby develop necessary personal qualities, skills and talents that will make him a successful adult in the future.

We contacted the winner Yana Pototska and asked her a few questions.

  • Why did you decide to participate in ALEF StartUP Contest?

I made the decision to participate in ALEF StartUP Contest without hesitation. ALEF StartUP Contest is for me as a starting point in achieving my goal of creating the center required for many residents of our city, region and surrounding areas.

The process of preparing a business plan and presentation under the project for participation in the contest is also a test of strength and faith in my Idea, since it was necessary to give it a foreseeable version in the shortest possible time, and to do it in such a way that it was understandable not only for me.

  • Did you expect to be the winner?

Did I expect to be the winner of the contest? I really wanted to win! I believed in my project and trusted in victory! Moreover, as you know, faith does miracles.

  • What does the “Center for the Harmonious Development of a Child” Project mean to you? How can it change Dnipro and its inhabitants?

“Center for the Harmonious Development of a Child” is not just a Project for me, and not just a place where a number of services will be rendered for parents and their children. This is, first of all, the place, where parents with their children can turn into and get qualified answers to their questions related to the development of a child as a whole.

The existing rhythm of life dictates its rules to us and therefore, adjusting to a given rhythm, the concentration of necessary specialists in one place not only will allow to save time and resources of parents, but also will provide a child with the opportunity to grow and develop, taking into account his zone of the proximal development. And for the interested parents, this is still a real place in the city, where it will be possible to find new friends and acquaintances according to their interests connected with upbringing and development of a child.

I know one thing that many people need such Center and its appearance will be able to speed up the process of obtaining the necessary and important answers to many questions from parents.

  • When will a new modern center for development of children appear? From where does the project implementation start?

The project was submitted to the diagnostic session from the experts of ALEF Corporation. At present, a number of preparatory measures are being carried out, which are required to ensure that establishing the Center occurs according to the plan with a minimum amount of risks.

The organizational committee of ALEF StartUP and all ALEF Corporation congratulate Yana Pototska on her victory and look forward to the implementation of her project!