Briefly about the main things: digest of the latest news of Alef Corporation

The main activity strategy of the business participants that are part of the Alef Corporation is formed on the continuous improvement of processes and the introduction of innovations, as well as the expansion of the geography of international partnerships.

The invention of new products, the development of technologies, the introduction of advanced world experience at domestic enterprises, cooperation with the best specialists from different countries and the presentation of Ukrainian products on the world market are the priority tasks of companies. You can now learn about how successfully they are being implemented from the weekly digest of news from the life of the Alef Corporation enterprises.


Sady Dnipra exported Ukrainian apples to Congo.

UApple Sady Dnipra company sent Ukrainian apples to the heart of Africa – the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as Vadym Iermolaiev, head of the board of the Alef Corporation, announced on his Facebook page. By the way, this is already the third country in Africa where the company has performed supplies — after Somalia and Senegal.


The MIROPLAST company helped a large family from Dnipro – glazed the house with warm WDS windows

Currently, a member of the Alef Corporation, a manufacturer of PVC profiles under the WDS trademark, the MIROPLAST company helps in the implementation of the Right to Comfort charity project. In a house where a family with three children lives, it has been urgently necessary to replace windows and entrance doors. On the eve of winter, the house was in disrepair and needed major repairs. As part of the home insulation, all old windows were replaced with WDS laminated windows.


Akam company sent Ukrainian labradorite for the construction of a shopping center in Egypt

Vadym Iermolaiev, the head of the board of the Alef Corporation, said on his Facebook page that the Feelopater Palace shopping center was built in the capital of Egypt, the main highlight of which is the architectural elements made of natural stone by the Akam company. A member of the Alef Corporation sent 15 containers of finished products to Cairo. Thanks to this, fountains and interiors made of natural stone – Volga Blue Select labradorite of Ukrainian origin, became the main decoration of the new Egyptian shopping center.