ALEF Quiz: We invite you to take part in the Quiz to test your awareness of facts about Alef Corporation

Alef Corporation has launched the Quiz for awareness of achievements and facts about the businesses-members. Anyone who desires can participate in the Quiz, and the quiz-winners will receive prizes: — laptop bags, power banks, travel mugs and other nice gifts!

The purpose of the Quiz is to raise awareness of activities of the Corporation’s businesses-members, their achievements and contribution to the development of Dnipro City and all Ukraine.

By this Quiz, we want to motivate you to follow the news of the Corporation!

In order to take part in the Quiz please just follow the link and answer the questions:

Hint: you can find answers to the questions in the materials of the following websites:

And also on Facebook pages, such as:

The collection of answers to the quiz-questions will last up to and including November 30! The results of the Quiz will be published on December 7 on the internal corporate website, and, as well as the Corporation’s social networks.