“ALEF Kids” project: children of the corporation employees visited the plant ABM Technology

Children may visit the most advanced Ukrainian companies and plants using the robotized equipment, to see the production process with own eyes, and to ask any
relevant questions to the professionals of the companies. The variety of businesses of the “Alef” corporation members enables to introduce many scopes of activities to children in the course of the regular interesting tours.

Sixth tour as part of the “ALEF Kids” project was conducted on November 20.
This time the ABM Technology, the plant producing the dental implants, played host to children of the corporation employees.

The plant ABM Technology is the enterprise included into the top lists of the most innovative plants of Ukraine and the most modern plants of this profile in the world. The CNC machines made in Japan and Switzerland, not until 2017, are used at the plant ABM Technology.
Children observed all production stages in the course of the tour; they saw all the way of the titanium bar turning into the exacting product, the dental implant.

Moreover, many children of the plant employees joined in this tour; they observed curiously the works of their parents, and they found out what they do in their workplaces.

It is worth reminding that the tour to the plant ABM Technology became the sixth tour as part of the “ALEF Kids” project, and earlier children had the opportunity to visit such enterprises as “UDK”, “Axor”, “Agroaliance”, “The Dnipro Gardens”, (“Sady Dnipra”) and “Altek”.