ALEF Kids: children of the corporation employees visited the clinic Amel Dental Kids

Seventh tour as part of the “ALEF Kids” project was already conducted: the dental clinic Amel Dental Kids, as well as the dental technical laboratory Amel Cad / Cam LAB opened its doors to children on December 22. This tour became the follow-up to the dental topic; last time children visited ABM Technology, the plant producing the dental implants!

The young visitors got an understanding of the operation of modern dental clinic and real dental technical laboratory. Any child interested was able not only undergo initial medical examination by the professional but also they were able to step into the shoes of the doctors in order to understand whether they are interested in the profession of dentist.

The doctors from Amel Kids are the real professionals in work with children, so they not only gave much attention to children during the tour, but they also succeeded in actual awakening their interest to the process!

It should be emphasized that Amel Dental Clinic is included into TOP-200 of the best dental clinics of the world. The digital technologies are used and the best achievements of the best world medicine are implemented there! And the laboratory Amel CAD / CAM is a first-class hi-tech space for the dentists where the dental crowns of any level of complexity are made with high precision!

It will be recalled that the ALEF Kids project is oriented to the young generation, children of the corporation employees. Children visit the companies of the “Alef” corporation and their partners as part of the project. And the purpose of the project is to expand the views of life of children, and to help them to choose their future profession! Earlier children already had an opportunity to visit such enterprises as “UDK” Axor, Agroaliance, The Dnipro Gardens (Sady Dnipra), Altek, and ABM Technology.