Alef Estate company joined up with All-Ukrainian action in support of the patients suffering from rare diseases

The most large-scale visual initiative associated with the International Day of Rare Diseases started in Ukraine on the 18 th day of February. 16 famous and significant buildings in 5 cities of the country (Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro, and Mariupol) will be illuminated in support of the orphan patients within 10 days, since 18 th day to 28 th day of February.

Alef Estate, the company-developer from Dnipro city, also joins up with the action in support of the patients this year; two facilities of the real estate developer, Multi-purpose complex “Cascade Plaza” and the Residential Complex “Katerynoslavskyi-1” will be illuminated symbolically as part of the initiative.

So, the organizer, the Public Association “Orphan diseases of Ukraine”, tries to attract attention to the patients who suffer from rare diseases and need permanent expensive treatment and state support for high-quality life.

“5% of citizens of Ukraine suffer from rare diseases. If you would bring all orphan patients together, their number will be equal to the number of citizens of one million city, and most of these patients are children. We want to reach out to hearts of Ukrainians all over the country due to this visual initiative. We want to show that though the orphan patients are rare, there are so much of them as a whole, and they are strong in spirit.

And we want to give the patients the sense that Ukraine supports them and joins up with the global assistance movement”, Tetiana Kulesha, the chief of the council of the Public Association “Orphan diseases of Ukraine” explained.

The significant buildings all over the world have been illuminated with symbolic colors, pink, green and blue, on February 28 over the past number of years. These are the officially recognized colors of the International Day of Rare Diseases. The Burj Khalifa in UAE, the Colosseum and the Tower of Pisa in Italy, and the Empire State Building in the USA became the participants of the global initiative in the last year.

Ukraine will also join up with the global movement and will become equally active participant of the initiative this year. Locations involved into the initiative include:

● Mykhailivska square (Kyiv city);
● Saint Nicholas Church (Kyiv city);
● Residential Complex Chicago Central House (Kyiv city);
● Residential Complex Tetris House (Kyiv city);
● Residential Complex Jack House (Kyiv city);
● Visual art installation Beacon in UNIT.City (Kyiv city);
● Business campus B12 in UNIT.City (Kyiv city);
● Korolenko boulevard (Dnipro city)
● Shopping centre Passage (Dnipro city)
● Multi-purpose complex Cascade Plaza (Dnipro city)
● Residential complex “Katerynoslavskyi-1” (Dnipro city)
● Light art installation Dnipro Light Flowers (Dnipro city)
● Residential complex Tower Chkalov (Odesa city);
● Greek park (Odesa city);
● hotel Best Western Plus Market Square (Lviv)
● Svobody square (Mariupol).

The organizers invite all interested people to support the orphan patients. In what way? Make the photo of your palm against the background of the illuminated building or house or any light source and post it in your social media since February 18 to February 28 under hashtag #я_підтримую_орфанних #орфанних_багато_орфанні_сильні