About Alef Corporation

About Us

Alef Corporation is a business incorporation of companies, the corporate strategy of which is based on continuous improvement of processes and introduction of innovations. The Corporation’s enterprises are equipped with the powerful production facilities: the incorporation includes the largest plants of Ukraine and Eastern Europe in their segments.

The growth vector of the Company is aimed at several industries such as: development, agricultural business, and manufacturing of medical products, building materials and seamless pipes.

Corporation History

1995 year
Establishment of “Primus inter pares” Company

Vadym Iermolaiev founded “Primus inter pares” Company, which was engaged in import of food products, household chemicals and other consumer goods to the territory of Ukraine.

1998 year
Establishment of a corporation

“Primus inter pares” Company is transformed into a trade and industrial corporation.

2001 year
Foundation of Alef Estate Company

A real estate development company, whose activities are the business project design for construction, implementation and operation of facilities of commercial and residential immovable property.

Foundation of Agroaliance Company

An official agricultural machinery distributor of certain manufacturers such as Case IH (USA), Flexi Coil (USA), MX (France), Gregoire & Besson (France), Moresil (Spain), and MaschioGaspardo (Italy). Since 2014, a vegetable direction has been opened, in which the Company cooperates with Miedema (the Netherlands), and DEWULF (Belgium).

2006 year
Foundation of MIROPLAST Plant

One of the largest manufacturers of PVC-profiles in Eastern Europe, which exports its products to 15 countries around the world.

Foundation of Elba Concrete Plant

A manufacturer of ready-mixed concrete and sand-cement mortars. During this time, it produced more than 1,000,000 m³ of ready-mixed concrete, and performed more than 150,000 m² of concrete floors; the Company’s fleet includes 29 concrete mixer trucks.

2007 year
Foundation of UDK Plant

The largest manufacturer of autoclaved cellular concrete in Ukraine.

2011 year
Foundation of AXOR Industry Plant

One of the largest companies for production of window and door accessories in Eastern Europe. AXOR’s international representative offices operate in dozens of countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

2016 year
Foundation of Potoky Plant

A company that specializes in processing of oil crops. The Plant was the first in the world to develop and introduce the technology for production of high-protein sunflower concentrate, which is exported by the Plant to Poland, Turkey and Belarus. In August 2020, Potoky Plant put into operation a new silo with a storage capacity of up to 10 thousand tons.

Foundation of ABM Technology Plant

The first full-cycle plant in Ukraine for manufacture of dental implants. ABM Technology uses the Japanese and Swiss numerical-control machines, and all of them were released not earlier than 2017.

Foundation of “Sady Dnipra” (ТМ UApple) Company

An export-oriented fruit company engaged in growing the elite varieties of apples. The most powerful apple sorting line in Ukraine operates on the basis of the enterprise.