ABM Technology plant won in the nomination of “Industry” at the regional stage of the rating “DILIGENT TAXPAYERS – 2019”

ABM Technology, the plant – member of the “Alef” corporation, won in the nomination of “Industry” in the rating “DILIGENT TAXPAYERS – 2019” at the regional level.

There were the following criteria of the participation in this rating:

1. Completeness and timeliness of payment of taxes and duties.
2. Tax discipline.
3. Average salary at the enterprise.
4. Number of jobs at the enterprise.
5. Charitable activity.
6. Benefits package of the employer.
7. Membership in the Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine.

It is worth reminding that ABM Technology produces the dental implants under the trademark of Bauer`s Implants, as well as the exacting products from the bio-compatible materials for the oral and maxillofacial and spine surgery, cardiovascular implantology and neurosurgery. Moreover, the plant may produce fine details for the aviation, automobile manufacturing and watch making industry.

The idea of the enterprise establishment was to create the innovative plant producing Ukrainian high-quality dental implants which would be able to compete favorably both on the domestic and international market.

The purpose of the company establishment was the promotion of Ukrainian medical devices in the world, as well as evidence of the fact that Ukraine may produce high-technology goods which will enable Ukraine to lose its status of the “raw-material appendage of Europe”.

The ABM Technology plant patented the dental implant of proprietary design Helix, as well as two abutments, the angled and the straight one in 2018.

Design capacity of the plant provides for a possibility of installation of 30 CNC machines, so the enterprise has the strong potential for its development.